​​​"When two people come together in

conscious partnership a true honoring

of what is sacred and real becomes the

focal point and foundation of the


~Jennifer Byrd Rubacky

Welcome to our website!

We are a husband and wife team of practitioners and teachers of embodied awakening in relationship.  Married in 2005, we have been in a conscious partnership for over a decade and enjoy sharing our experience, wisdom and heart in service to individuals, other couples and fellow parents.

We primarily work with couples to help them embrace more joy, connection and intimacy in their relationships.  You will learn many embodied spiritual practices from ancient non-dual teachings to help you to communicate vulnerably and therefore more effectively.  These practices may include meditation, breathing and relaxation practices, kirtan and simple yogic movement.  Learning to align and live from your deepest Self will help you find greater connection in your relationships and in all aspects of your life.  We also work with parents who are interested in developing a mindfulness and meditation practice with their children.

In this time period there is such a great call and need to embody a deeper way of relating with ourselves and to each other.  When we slow down, take a sacred pause and let the breath soften our protective shields, we are drawn into a more honest, real and heartfelt conversation with each other.  Even in our greatest challenges, no matter how difficult the conversation may be, when we soften our stance we are led by greater intelligence.



                               The Yoga of Relationship

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